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Who put the 'i' in 'i-Pest'?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Customers often ask us, "what does the 'i' in 'i-Pest' stand for?" Well, it stands for the core business values we pride ourselves on:

'i' for 'intelligent':

Intelligent thinking underpins our approach to pest control. We don't simply tackle the symptom, we seek to find the cause to prevent future infestations. And he wouldn't like to brag, but our founding Director (and Lead Pest Technician) is an intelligent guy - he's got a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Sciences, plus he holds The Royal Society for Public Health Level 2 Award in Pest Management for which he was awarded a distinction! So you know your pest control is in safe, knowledgeable, expert (and intelligent) hands.

'i' for 'integrity':

Integrity is fundamental to the way we operate. We treat our clients respectfully, respond promptly and communicate openly and honestly. If your pest problem is minor and easily resolved (perhaps even using your own, home treatment methods) then we will be honest and tell you that. If it's more complex and requires thought and planning to tackle the issue, we will explain that and work with you to resolve matters with minimal disruption. And if it's outside of our areas of expertise, we have the integrity to acknowledge that and refer you to other industry experts. The team at i-Pest are the antithesis of 'rogue traders' - we value the integrity of our client relationships and the reputation of our business above all else.

'i' for 'independent':

i-Pest is an independent, family run business with a reputation being built on referral. We aren't part of any National organisation or franchise network. We're independent and the buck stops with us so you'll always be dealing with the business owners directly, safe in the knowledge that we care and want to resolve your pest issue as much as you do.

So we put the 'i' in 'i-Pest' - to represent the core values of the business.

If we sound like the type of intelligent, independent pest control business, with integrity, that you'd like to work with (either to resolve your domestic or commercial needs), we look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today for an initial consultation on 07943 725677 or email

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