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Common name:         Common Wasp or German Wasp

Latin name:                  Vespula vulgaris (Common), Vespula germanica (German)


Distinct bright yellow and black bands on thorax with a noticeable narrow “waist”.


Queen wasps hibernate over winter, waking in spring to form a golf ball sized paper nest in which she lays eggs, raising the larvae by feeding them on insects. This first brood of emergent adults are all sterile females that grow the nest to the size of a rugby ball, containing thousands of adult wasps.

Impact of Wasps:

Nuisance – Wasps pack a painful sting that some are allergic to, possibly inducing anaphylactic shock. In late summer they may feed on over-ripe fruit, where the alcohol makes them “tipsy” and aggressive. They feed on sweet things and will plague picnics, parties and pub gardens.


Once a wasp’s nest has been located, it can be treated with residual insecticide dusts at the entrance which the adult wasps will carry into the nest. If the whole nest is accessible it can be soaked with a liquid insecticide.

i-Pest Intelligent Pest Control will ensure the appropriate treatment is selected and applied, preventing harm to property residents or the environment.

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