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Unwanted Christmas gifts?

So that's it for another year, Christmas is over but it's only just beginning for the rodent population. Leftovers tempt unwanted visitors into our homes, this combined with the forecasted cold snap, provides the ideal excuse for rodents to make your home, theirs. So here's our 'Top 3 Tips' to avoid a rodent infestation as we head towards 2021:

1) Dispose of food waste in sealed, rodent proof bins not your compost heap, this time of year. You're still doing your bit to recycle, but in the short term, avoid the temptation to use your composter.

2) Minimise the amount fed to wild birds in your garden - it's important we look after our wild, feathered friends during the winter, but make sure they're not indulged in your Christmas excess!

3) Those little DIY jobs that have been put on hold, like blocking up the hole at the back of your kitchen cupboards or that slightly damaged back door .... fix it now! Rats are surprisingly agile and expert at finding their way through the smallest of spaces.

These few tips will help avoid the unwanted gift of a rodent infestation. If you need further advice, feel free to contact i-Pest during the festive period, we're only a phone call away. Merry Christmas to all our customers and a Happy New Year, from all at i-Pest.

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